You can count on bbPress

The only problem is bbPress can’t count just yet. There’s a few issues we’re working on re: pagination. To know the total number of pages a particular topic spans, for example, you have to know the total number of posts. But how do you define “total”. With things like deleted and bozoed posts in the mix, counting gets tricky depending on what view you’re working with at the moment. And by “tricky” I mean impossible without extra queries.

We’ll need to add some more info into the DB to handle this. topicmeta can handle the number of deleted and bozoed posts, but where to put the number of sticky topics or the number of no-replied, untagged or unresolved topics? Those last queries could use a little benchmarking; maybe we can get away with grabbing them dynamically. But for stickies… would forummeta be useful anywhere else?

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