bbPress + AJAX = “oooh… pretty…”

bbPress has been getting an extreme AJAX makeover, and things are looking pretty good.

We’re still working on the best user interface, particularly for posting new posts. Firas mentioned the possibility of including a cute spinner à la Technorati. Perhaps a spinner over the post textbox would be best. Something like Owen‘s CanaryComment.

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2 Responses to bbPress + AJAX = “oooh… pretty…”

  1. mdawaffe says:

    Matt suggests just wiping the post form entirely after the post is sent. Clever. Might want to figure out the best time to do this; if things go wrong, people would want the box to still be there.

  2. suleiman says:

    I myself would LOVE if replies to posts could be made via ajax. These days what’s the use in refreshing the page when you shouldn’t have to?

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