Automattic 5k in Victorville, CA

Michelle and I did our 5+k a day or two early, and all we got were these geocaches.

To complete the 30 YEARS OF PACMAN and The Smiley Series geocaching “geoart” series, we:

  • Walked 14 miles in the desert,
  • Found 57 geocaches,
  • Suffered 95°F heat, and
  • Drank one metric ton of water.

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13 Responses to Automattic 5k in Victorville, CA

  1. Alex Mills says:

    That is so awesome!

  2. Beau Lebens says:

    That is super cool. Mad props!

  3. Lori says:

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    From my colleague Mike – a great way to combine the walk, adventure, and fun!

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  5. Egill says:

    Reblogged this on Egill and commented:

    This has to be the coolest Automattic Worldwide WP 5K ever

  6. Jill says:


  7. nyparrot says:

    What’s Automattic Worldwide WP 5K?

  8. Buhori says:

    Like to be there…

  9. Kerry Dwyer says:

    I did the WP 5K alone, in the morning, in the rain on the last possible day. Hoping against hope to get the fame and acclaim of being freshly pressed. Otherwise I would have stayed at home in bed. I didn’t get any geocoaches just wet feet.

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