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WordPress __autoload() idea

PHP 5 introduces autoloading classes. The way WordPress is currently structured, I don’t think we’d get much benefit from switching to autoloading. There aren’t that many classes in core WordPress that don’t need to get loaded on every page load. … Continue reading

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Post Revisions in WordPress 2.6

Have you ever saved a post on your blog only to realize later that you accidentally erased a critical paragraph? Ever worked on a blog with multiple authors and needed to keep a log of who changed what and when? … Continue reading

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Improved Post and Page management in WordPress

Managing thousands of posts and dozens of drafts will be much easier in the upcoming WordPress 2.3 thanks to some revamped backend code and admin interfaces. First, the interface changes. In Manage -> Posts you can currently look for posts … Continue reading

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Hitting WordPress Attachment Handling

In debugging some stuff here on, I dived (once more) into the image handling guts of WordPress. A while ago, I revamped WordPress’ inline uploading functionality to be more pluggable, cacheable, maintainable and (hopefully) intuitive. A hundred bugs later, … Continue reading

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bbPress + AJAX = “oooh… pretty…”

bbPress has been getting an extreme AJAX makeover, and things are looking pretty good. We’re still working on the best user interface, particularly for posting new posts. Firas mentioned the possibility of including a cute spinner à la Technorati. Perhaps … Continue reading

Posted in bbPress | 2 Comments invites. is free as in beer, the software behind it is free as in speech, but my invite ain’t. It’ll cost you a pretty penny: twenty-five of them, to be exact. Go forth and multiply. Update: The news keeps on … Continue reading

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I’ll be looking around eventually for people with installs to check out their CSS. I’ve contacted one site already about the possibility of including its stylesheet with bbPress as the default. Please feel free to leave your or others’ site(s) … Continue reading

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You can count on bbPress

The only problem is bbPress can’t count just yet. There’s a few issues we’re working on re: pagination. To know the total number of pages a particular topic spans, for example, you have to know the total number of posts. … Continue reading

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I may need to delete you

Thus saith matt about my precious real ultimate waffe. Well, it all seems to be square now. Rock on Rock on.

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