FACT: mdawaffes are mammals.

The unoffical (unsupported) home of one “mdawaffe”. More information regarding the aforementioned can unlikely be found at blogwaffe.

5 Responses to About

  1. Hi I just start blogging and a message pop out saying one of my friends is blogging ok who are you Mdawaffes?

  2. interesting site no doubt…found you from twitter i think we ar friends!

  3. cmxsport says:

    Who is mdawaffe?

  4. halfbeagle says:

    I used the find friends app on wordpress and got this. Apparently I’m following mdawaffe on Twitter. And all these comments….hmm…

  5. wbgirl23 says:

    Great blog. I found you via Twitter, although I don’t really know what a mdawaffe is :-/

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