Improved Post and Page management in WordPress

Managing thousands of posts and dozens of drafts will be much easier in the upcoming WordPress 2.3 thanks to some revamped backend code and admin interfaces.

First, the interface changes. In Manage -> Posts you can currently look for posts by search term, or browse by month or category, but only one of these things at a time.

In WordPress 2.3 (or currently on, you’ll be able to filter by search term, post type (draft, private, scheduled for future publishing, or published), author, month published, and category. You’ll also be able to combine any or all of those filters and do them all at once:

so you’ll be able to ask for all published posts written by Lion-O during May of 2007, filed in the “cartoons from the eighties” category, and matching the phrase “Mumm-Ra, the Ever-Living”. That was a hard list of posts to come by until 2.3.

Manage -> Pages will be getting a similar face lift; you’ll be able to filter by search term, author and page type (draft, private, or published).

Better draft management, in particular, has consistently been one of the most frequently requested improvements in WordPress, and these changes are a big piece of that.

Neat huh?

Secondly, the back end changes. The WP_Query class can now select posts by post_status (draft, future, private, publish). This makes it trivial to use query_posts() and wp() for such queries; no more need for kludgey filters and hacks.

WordPress 2.3 comin’, at you soon. Be there!

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34 Responses to Improved Post and Page management in WordPress

  1. persfektif says:

    will be very userful.
    thank you

  2. photographerno1 says:

    you guys are breaking all records , in a very short time.

  3. internetmen says:

    thank you

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  8. Chris Hearn says:

    Do you think, from the way this is implemented, that it will impact on plugins?
    I know impossible to be sure, but some guidance for those of us that have blogs with several plugins would be helpful… any words of wisdom??

  9. Uncle Su says:

    Do you happen to know how we can filter password protected posts?

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  14. DarK says:

    So many thanks its news…

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  27. The draft management is fabulous. I have a slew of drafts and I can finally view them intelligently and make some decisions. Tagging, eh, I don’t care so much, but the admin improvements are great.

    I miss my plugin, Postalicious. There are a lot of plugins and only one (that I don’t want) is listed on the working-plugin list so far. I hope they get rewritten soon.

    Thanks again… draft management was worth the trade-off:-)

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  29. Nice feature! But I’ve found it a bit late. Now I’m on 2.7😉

  30. I try googling to find “how to insert “post” to “page” in wordpress,.. but i didn’t find yet,.. do you have some reference of it ?.. thanks you your kind and help

  31. John says:

    I hope they get rewritten soon.

  32. diojruavzz says:

    I can’t rea your website in Saafrri 4.2, just figured I would tell you about it!

    lcick ere

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